Fully Professed Members

Sister Estee Louder Harder Faster
Abbess of The Motor City Sisters
Founding Member

Age: Older than Britney but younger than Madonna

Likes include (but are not limited to): Makeup, activjsm, jewlery, glitter, politics, gossip magazines, sacred rituals, naughty fuckery, empowerment, paddles and unicorns.

Dislikes: assholism. 

Sister Gin-ja Lox
Mistress of Novices (Vice President)
Turn-Ons: Hairy chests, circus peanuts, clapping songs, and Poppers of course!
Turn Offs: Man-buns, Necco wafers, guns, and florescent lighting
Hobbies: Color Guard, stealing souls, applying sun block, and macramé
Favorite Quote: “If you ain't got nine I ain't got the time!” Mama G